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Seamless cross-device Ethereum wallet for  devices

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All your accounts in one place

Keep track of all your accounts on your iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iMac

Only you control your keys

Private keys never leave the device. You could even import just a public address for the extra safety

Automatic token detection

Tokenary automatically detects any ERC-20 tokens that you have on your Ethereum address

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Do you have access to my assets?

No! You and only you control your private keys! All user keys are stored locally on your device and will never leave it, and no one else can access them.

Can I track my balance without putting private key on a device?

Yes! You can use the option "Watch address" to keep track balances and transactions history of any account without adding private keys.

The #1 Ethereum wallet for macOS

The only native wallet available in the Mac Store

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